The scope of Land Surface Analysis Satellite Applications Facility (LSA SAF) is to increase benefit from EUMETSAT Satellite (MSG and EPS) data related to:
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Land-Atmosphere interaction
Biospheric Applications
The LSA SAF performs:
R&D Programs.
Operational Activities
of land surface related products.
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Product Development Status:
MSG/SEVIRI based products
Wild Fires
Fire Radiative Power - PIXEL
Fire Radiative Power - GRID
Fire Detection and Monitoring
Fire Risk Map
Vegetation Parameters
Fraction of Vegetation Cover
Leaf Area Index
Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetic Active Radiation
Snow Cover
Snow Cover (daily)
Snow Cover (15 mins)
Bi-Directional Reflectance Factor
Land Surface Emissivity
Surface Albedo
MSG Ten Day Surface Albedo
Land Surface Temperature
Land Surface Temperature (15 mins)
Down-welling Surface Fluxes
Down-welling Surface Short-wave Radiation Flux
Down-welling Surface Long-wave Radiation Flux
Daily Downward Surface Shortwave Flux
Daily Downward Surface Longwave Flux
Evapotranspiration (30 mins)
Daily Evapotranspiration
MetOp/AVHRR based products
Vegetation Parameters
Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
Land Surface Temperature
EPS - Land Surface Temperature
Down-welling Surface Fluxes
Down-welling Surface Long-wave Radiation Flux
Internal Develop. Demo. Pre-Operat. Operat.
LSA SAF is an initiative of:
LSA SAF consortium in CDOP (2007-2012):